The dollyTop

What's up dolly?

Why the dolly?

Here's why!

When I first found this top I didn't understand its full potential!

The first item I made in it was a 4th of july icecream top.

When I stitched it up I did a mid length. It was not a crop and not a tee.

They sold good but no one went in a total frenzy over it.

Around January this year I decided to re-visit this top. I felt it had much more potential. I strive for comfy and cute clothes. This top screams that! 

I shared this photo and everyone fell in love!

I played around making more an more ooak dollys. In May we did our first dolly drop and also created a waiting list for ooak dollys.

I didn't have a name for this top for awhile but to coincide with our dressyTop and peppyTop I used this styles original name and came up with dollyTop! It has two styles, dollyTee and dollyCrop. 

In the end, this tops represent miniK for its versatile styling, comfort and fun nature for endless possibilities!