The dressyTop

So how did the dressyTop come to be?

I had this style saved in my favorites list and had been eyeing it for awhile. 

Literally Thanksgiving morning when my girl was around 2yrs old I decided she needed a cute top!

I pulled out the Thanksgiving prints I had on hand and started picking which to put where.

I cut out everything, stitched it up and put it on my little girl!

We then went and did a little photo shoot in the woods.


I fell in love!

I then wanted to make some Christmas ones. I had told my friend Taylor I wanted her help to test these out.

We met up and I gave her a top. I also made my girl one.


We then went to Casa ole to discuss what design I should follow each time when making these. We figured up a science so these tops will be unique to their own and create my own style for my shop.

The following January the first dressyTop drop was scheduled and was a big hit! Eveyone loved this style and it's unique prints.


They are now our OG style and continued favorite.


They also fit for a long time. 🙌